Distance Education and Technology

“Education” word is derived from Latin word “educare” that means “bring up” which relates to a word educere that means bring out. In a way it is used to bring out the abilities and potential of individuals by giving them any formal and informal education.

Education helps the individuals in broadening their thinking, which helps them in observing the fact and figures. It also helps them in making their own decisions in reaching their destiny.

In the present scenario, where life is too fast, everyone is busy in its own race. It is completely impossible for anyone to stop it or to decrease its speed. Everyone had to work hard to tie him up according to the speed of life. If we will not consider this fact seriously, then we will find ourselves far behind from the progress of the world in no time. So, it is really very important to run with life according to its speed.

In this world, where everyone is trying to earn its living or is running after the success, nobody has any leisure time. They have made their lives “machine” to earn their livelihood and for this purpose, they worked all the time without considering the difference between day and night. No one has too much time to go far away places for getting their required education. So, they usually got the help from the different means, like satellite education channels, the internet, etc.

By using satellite education, they can easily get the relevant material without attending the lectures and classes physically. In fact, they can get every single kind of help at their doorstep through this way. This helps them in many ways, like they do not need to go anywhere, and they will be able to save their precious time, etc.

So, it is all became possible with the advancement of technology. We can use it to educate people in social issues, health problems and many more.

And finally, we can say that education and the use of satellite technology could be proven beneficial for humanity to act properly in proper time.

Education for All

Education is a process of teaching, training and learning especially in schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. It is obvious that education helps a person to promote their learning skills to change their behavior. Furthermore to survive in a society, a person must have knowledge and skills and that must be brought into practice. Everybody knows that man is mortal. Therefore, these skills should be passed on to the next generation for the continuation of humans. Clearly, next generation means later born children or people who will master the world.

Education, which has been a basic need of a person after food, clothes, shelter and health, must be given to every person- no matter where they were born. Education must be for all so that the human resource or manpower, that a country needs, can be supplied. Until humans survive in the world, they need doctors, engineers, teachers, farmers etc.

People, in this twenty first century are still deprived of education. Neither they are able to receive formal education from schools and colleges nor are they able to get informal education through media. It is because they are paralyzed by their poverty. Moreover, the privatization in education has also made them to be away from learning skills.

In general it is the responsibility of the state to provide its people their basic needs free of cost especially education. Education must be free so that ‘Education for All’ comes into reality. Education is the right of every citizen. Besides, where people are deprived of education, that country, gets deprived of social, economic and political prosperity.