Media Studies – Career Education Options Online

When looking to gain an education in media studies, you can do so by enrolling in an accredited online school or college. Curriculum will help to prepare you for a variety of professions in a number of exciting areas. Online educational training programs can give you the chance to prepare for the career of your dreams. Training is available at various levels of study ranging from a certificate to a master level degree. Enrolling in an accredited online educational program today will help you prepare for an exciting new career tomorrow.

*Educational Options

You can complete online media studies training at a number of certificate and degree levels including an:

  • associate
  • bachelor
  • and master

…degree level. Training is available to you in a number of specialized areas of study including:

  • mass communications
  • media technologies
  • marketing
  • public relations

…and much more. By choosing to train for a career in this field you will be able to obtain the skills you need to enter into a successful career after graduation. Specific areas of study and career options will vary based on the level of education and specialization.


Studies will be determined by the degree or certificate you choose to pursue, and will prepare you for the specific career areas you wish to enter. Subjects will vary but may consist of learning:

  • research
  • popular culture
  • broadcast journalism
  • advertising
  • history of communication
  • media
  • mass communications

…and many other relevant courses. By gaining knowledge in these subjects you will be ready to pursue the career you long for. Accredited online training will help you to seek employment in a number of career positions. You can prepare for your future by choosing the program and career that’s right for you.


Gaining the education necessary for a career in this field can be done through accredited online schools and colleges. This will allow you to prepare for your career from the comfort of home. Career possibilities include working as an:

  • assistant program producer
  • public relations manager
  • marketing manager

…and more. You will be able to seek employment in journalism, magazines, television, radio, broadcasting, newspaper, and many other industries. By enrolling in an accredited online journalism degree training program you will be on your way to starting an exciting new future.

Accredited media studies training provides you with the education you need to pursue the career you dream of. Online schools and colleges are available to provide you with the means to be successful. There are a number of accrediting agencies like the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications ( ) that are approved to fully accredit online programs. Accredited learning institutions can offer you the best quality education available in this field. By researching programs and requesting more information you will learn more about the media career you desire and how to obtain the education needed to enter into the field.

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Distance Education and Technology

“Education” word is derived from Latin word “educare” that means “bring up” which relates to a word educere that means bring out. In a way it is used to bring out the abilities and potential of individuals by giving them any formal and informal education.

Education helps the individuals in broadening their thinking, which helps them in observing the fact and figures. It also helps them in making their own decisions in reaching their destiny.

In the present scenario, where life is too fast, everyone is busy in its own race. It is completely impossible for anyone to stop it or to decrease its speed. Everyone had to work hard to tie him up according to the speed of life. If we will not consider this fact seriously, then we will find ourselves far behind from the progress of the world in no time. So, it is really very important to run with life according to its speed.

In this world, where everyone is trying to earn its living or is running after the success, nobody has any leisure time. They have made their lives “machine” to earn their livelihood and for this purpose, they worked all the time without considering the difference between day and night. No one has too much time to go far away places for getting their required education. So, they usually got the help from the different means, like satellite education channels, the internet, etc.

By using satellite education, they can easily get the relevant material without attending the lectures and classes physically. In fact, they can get every single kind of help at their doorstep through this way. This helps them in many ways, like they do not need to go anywhere, and they will be able to save their precious time, etc.

So, it is all became possible with the advancement of technology. We can use it to educate people in social issues, health problems and many more.

And finally, we can say that education and the use of satellite technology could be proven beneficial for humanity to act properly in proper time.

Education for All

Education is a process of teaching, training and learning especially in schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. It is obvious that education helps a person to promote their learning skills to change their behavior. Furthermore to survive in a society, a person must have knowledge and skills and that must be brought into practice. Everybody knows that man is mortal. Therefore, these skills should be passed on to the next generation for the continuation of humans. Clearly, next generation means later born children or people who will master the world.

Education, which has been a basic need of a person after food, clothes, shelter and health, must be given to every person- no matter where they were born. Education must be for all so that the human resource or manpower, that a country needs, can be supplied. Until humans survive in the world, they need doctors, engineers, teachers, farmers etc.

People, in this twenty first century are still deprived of education. Neither they are able to receive formal education from schools and colleges nor are they able to get informal education through media. It is because they are paralyzed by their poverty. Moreover, the privatization in education has also made them to be away from learning skills.

In general it is the responsibility of the state to provide its people their basic needs free of cost especially education. Education must be free so that ‘Education for All’ comes into reality. Education is the right of every citizen. Besides, where people are deprived of education, that country, gets deprived of social, economic and political prosperity.

Pain, Injury Should Not Be Part of Backpacks For School

It’s Fall and students everywhere are preparing to head back to school. Backpacks for school will be first on the school supply list for many kids. The choices of backpacks for school may seem overwhelming at times. Due to the astounding number of available backpacks and options on the market, it just makes sense to take a few moments and find out what backpacks are the best for your kids.

A properly fitted, well-designed, and durable backpack is going to be the best available choice for avoiding any discomfort, pain, or even possible long-term injury to your child. The experts at the American Physical Therapy Association have been studying backpack for years. Through their research, the APTA has discovered the main things that make a good backpack. Properly designed and well-padded shoulder straps, load stabilizing adjustable straps, a waist belt to place more weight on the hips and off of the shoulders/back, and several internal compartments to divide the load more evenly.

The Experts Say Backpacks May Be Too Heavy

Studies show that most kids are carrying way too much weight in their school backpacks. “Wearing backpacks improperly or ones that are too heavy put children at increased risk for musculoskeletal injuries”, said Mary Ann Wilmarth, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, assistant dean and director of transitional doctor of physical therapy degree program, Northeastern University. Wilmarth studied Pre-K through 9th grade students in the Andover, Massachusetts area over a period of time. Her research found that improperly wearing a backpack, or wearing an overloaded backpack had a long-term negative effect on children.

Other studies which were conducted in New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S. reached the same conclusions about backpack weight, improper use, and the negative effects on posture. There needs to be much more research done in order to determine the overall long-term effects on young kid’s back, neck, shoulder, and posture.

Correct Backpack Weight is Specific for Each Child

In the past, the American Chiropractic Association, the American Physical Therapy Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics have all come forward with backpack recommendations for students, teachers, and parents. All experts agree that backpacks worn improperly or that are simply too heavy may cause damage now and in the future. Some cheap backpacks may cause permanent physical damage to kids that will develop into much more serious problems in their adult years.

The medical professionals who see these type of backpack-related injuries on a regular basis have come up with some very simple guidelines. Typically, a backpack should weigh no more than 15% of a child’s total weight. In other words, if your child weighs 120 pounds, the total weight of their school backpack should be no more than 18 pounds. Kids should also be warned about the negative effects of carrying a backpack using only one strap, or in any other improper manner.

How to Get the Right Backpack for Your Child

Don’t go for the cheap backpacks typically found in large displays at your local discount retail store. Also, stay away from the celebrity bags that feature the latest motion picture theme or animated character. These backpacks are manufactured for only one reason and that is to get unknowing consumers to buy cheap stuff for way too much money.

Instead, look at some of the backpack manufacturers who have been around for a long time. Companies like L.L. Bean (R), North Face (R), and JanSport (R) have been making top-notch, quality backpacks for many years. These guys really know what they’re doing. Look for a simple backpack that has adjustable and padded shoulder straps, load stabilizing straps, and an adjustable waist strap. A good quality backpack can be found for less than $50.

Take some time to research the best backpacks for your child’s comfort and long-term health.

What Is Combination Skin?

Combination Skin
Are you feeling like numerous parts of your face are acting like polar opposites? One part of your face is continually oily, while the other part is drier than the Sahara? Then you may be struggling with what is commonly named combination skin.

What is Combination It?

A lot of people have dry skin, some have oily skin, and others skin are what we would term “normal”, as in their skin is neither exceedingly dry nor exceedingly oily. However, many people notice that their skin is a combination of both dry and oily skin, hence the name, combination skin. This has to do with the moisture or dryness of you skin. It only has to do with whether your skin dry in some locations and oily in others. Lots of people mistake this body type as a condition relating to how sensitive your skin is, but that’s not the case here. The two are two separate matters that really don’t have much effect on each other.

How Do You Know You’ve Got Combination It?

Throughout, specifically after washing your face

Certain sections of skin on your face are dry, rough, or flaky (usually your cheeks)
Different parts are notably oily, shiny, greasy, and susceptive to acne (in most cases your chin, nose, and forehead)
If you’re unsure as to the type of skin type you have, then just wash your face, wait for moment, and then pay attention to how it responds. Use the bullet points above as examples. Which group do you fall in to?

Why is It Such a Big Deal?

The major battle that accompanies this type is figuring out which skin care and make up products to get. Most products are intended for specific skin types, either oily, dry, or regular. But if you’ve got a little bit of everything happening on your face, then it becomes a bit of struggle to find the best products for you.

But we’ll break down which make up and body care products to use in a future post.

What to Avoid

If you’re managing body type, you’ll want to see to it that you avoid the following

Fried foods
Greasy foods
Excessive sun without sunscreen
Letting your skin dry out completely

Now that you know your skin type, be sure to surf the web for reviews and opinions on the best foundations, moisturizers, and other skin care products for specific type!

Four Easy Ways to Learn Basketball

If you are a novice who wants to make it big someday, or even if you are a coach who is ready to start up a career with a new team of players, you may find the following easy ways to learn basketball very beneficial.

First and foremost, you must learn to master the basics. As with any other sport, you must be trained extensively in the most fundamental skills before you can learn the harder tricks of the trade. In basketball, there are two main skills that you must learn: offensive skills and defensive skills. Offensive skills include shooting, passing, and dribbling the ball. It may also be beneficial to master the most basic shots, like the jump shots, lay-ups and free throw shots. On the other hand, defensive skills include defensive rebounding, blocking shots and stealing the ball. Some of these skills you can probably learn alone, while others will probably require at least one other person to play with.

For the novices out there, another one of the easy ways to learn basketball is to find a great coach or a mentor you can learn from. Do not wait for someone to take you under his or her wing-go find that someone and get ready to learn. Do not be afraid of getting criticized, because it is in criticism that you will probably learn from the most. Additionally, having a coach early in your training will help you reduce the number of mistakes you can end up doing habitually.

Third, practice, practice, practice! Remember that this is the very thing that brought the greatest legends to their current state. You can learn a lot of things in theory, but, if you never put all that knowledge into practice, you will never get anywhere. Practice as much as you can. Do some basic shooting and dribbling when you are alone. Practice when you are with a friend. Practice when you are with your team. The key is to never give up, until you have gotten everything right. In this sport, repetition just may be your key to perfection.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy what you are doing. There is no point in trying to learn basketball if you do not find yourself having fun. Learn for the love and the joy of the sport, lest it becomes a chore.

Follow these four easy ways to learn basketball, and you will soon find yourself getting into bigger leagues, and possibly, even in a lifelong career.

Small Business Ideas – 16 Ways to Save Money on Paper and Printing

Printing has become so expensive that it deserves a category all of its own. Printer ink costs are astronomical, paper is getting my expensive and good quality printers will set you back a bit as well. Well don’t worry. We know that printing is an integral part of most businesses and that you can’t do without it. Our tips therefore, are aimed at minimizing ink and paper costs, and getting the most out of your printers while still being effective and efficient.

Tip 1: Don’t print outlines of presentations: You are showing the presentation, other people can take notes. A better way is to make the presentation available electronically after the presentation has been given on a common drive.

Tip 2: Edit your work online before printing: How many times have you quickly printed out a document, only to find that it still has errors in it? Get into the habit of editing your work online before you print, and you will reduce your paper and ink costs.

Tip 3: Combine small printing tasks into a single document: If you have a number of small printing tasks to complete, combine them into a one or two page document rather than print a few links of text on individual pages:

Tip 4: Make one copy of a memo and circulate it: Rather than printing out memo’s to each staff member, make one copy and circulate it. It often helps if you have a time limit attached to it as well. Still better circulate it electronically.

Tip 5: Consider best before dates for your printer cartridges: Printer cartridges don’t have a long life-span, and thus buying them in bulk is not always a cost effective solution. This is one item where buying just enough, before they expire, is a good idea.

Tip 6: Go with a laser printer if you print a lot: Laser printers are more cost effective in terms of ink and maintenance than bubble jets. If you do a lot of printing they will save you money.

Tip 7: Consider solid ink printers: These are a good option when you need a lot of high quality printing. The solid ink is generally vegetable oil so has a longer life span than normal ink. This is really a personal choice and there are definitely pros and cons for their use. Check out Wikipedia from some more details.

Tip 8: Buy both high and low quality copy and printing paper: Again a simple tip. Use the low quality paper for your normal printing needs, and the high quality paper for your important stuff, like your CV for your next job interview!

Tip 9: Don’t waste paper: Always try and print double sided, as well as two to a page (eg the text is half the size). This should quarter the amount of paper that you use.

Tip 10: Use recycled printer cartridges: Help out the environment and your bottom line by using recycled printer cartridges. They produce printing of the same quality and are generally around thirty percent cheaper. These savings are quite significant given how expensive printer ink is.

Tip 11: Share printers: Setting up printer networks is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. The bonus is that you need fewer printers as everyone is sharing. You will also have a more secure and productive printing environment.

Tip 12: Faxing, use an Internet provider: An Internet provider such as is a good way to send faxes. No tying up of phone lines and everything is electronic so there is less paper wasted. What are you doing still using faxes anyway? PDF is a much better way to go, quicker, and more secure.

Tip 13: Use This service helps you to eliminate unwanted pages when printing, which helps to reduce your paper usage.

Tip 14: Compatible Printer Cartridges: Compatible printer cartridges (as long as they are right for your machines) can save you up to 50 percent on OEM brands. A good investment. There are a few good online resellers, such as professor ink which offer good deals.

Tip 15: Use digital solutions to save on paper: Consult an expert and work out how you can “safely” store all of your files digitally. This will save you a lot paper and also a lot of space.

Tip 16: PDF is your friend: Print many of your documents to PDF instead of the printer and email them. PDF is generally a safe form to send information and the receiver of the email is unlikely to be able to make any changes to the document.

Tips to Buy a Multimedia Projector For Your Business

When you are purchasing a multimedia that you will use for your business, the options may seem tempting at the first. But the budget, the type of the presentation that you make and also the frequency of use will narrow the choices. For salesman on the road and a small business, they usually will need a portable model, but for the large corporations or teaching institution may need the fixed installation model. Here is the information that you can read to but the right projector for a business.

For the first thing that should be done is that you need to consider the travel schedule. A laptop size portable multimedia projector is good for you who give the presentations on the go, and also home-based entrepreneurs who infrequently visit the offices of other people on sales or the marketing calls.

You need to look at the number of people who will attend your business meeting. The medium-sized projector, usually referred to as the conference room projector, is the best choice for most of companies. It can be used for the sales presentation and it can be moved easily to the different meeting rooms within a building.

For the next step, you have to think about the higher resolution for the larger meetings. The great quality projector is called fixed installation projector and is permanently attached to the ceiling of large lecture or the meeting halls. This projector has the clearest resolution.

After that, you need to watch the pictures that the projectors produce. A multimedia projector contains an LCD or DLP display. If you will use the bright colors in your presentation images, an LCD projector is the great choice. DLP projector offers deeper black backgrounds.

For the last step, you can try out the different lamp types. UPH, UHE and also halide lamps are usually in multimedia projectors. You should take your budget and maintenance needs into considerations when you are choosing the lamp. They will be expensive to replace.

“The Sanity Code” – How the New Era in Healthcare Mirrors the NCAA

As we enter a new era in healthcare, one looks for similar industry’s that have gone through radical transformations. As we move into a Government run, heavily regulated, Healthcare environment – there are striking similarities between the “new era” in Healthcare and the NCAA.

1. Regulation and Fear of Sanctions: The American Affordability and Reinvestment Act has created the most complex set of guidelines and regulation ever placed on Healthcare. This has created an incredible amount of uncertainty and confusion. Added with multiple priorities such as Meaningful use, ICD-10 and EHR, there has never been a more tenuous time in Healthcare. Similar to the Post World War II era of the NCAA, where stresses to the systems based on huge student growth from the GI act, television revenue on the rise, and huge financial gains were achieved by the universities. The NCAA created the “Sanity Code” − adopted to establish guidelines for recruiting and financial aid – which ultimately failed to curb abuses.

2. Violations of the System: The more the regulation, the more there will be gaming of the system. The NCAA was plagued in the 1980′s with unscrupulous agents, greed, and high profile rules violations. Medicare fraud today adds billions of dollars to the total Healthcare spend in the United States.

3. Consolidation and Mergers: Just as the NCAA has evolved in the most recent past to SUPER CONFERENCES with no geographical consideration. The sizes of market and revenue opportunity are the key drivers for conference alignment. Similarly, Healthcare is in the process of consolidating in the very same manner creating SUPER SYSTEMS that cross geographical boundaries focused on driving revenue. Small independent and regional entities will struggle to compete in the new era.

4. Recruitment and the Talent Wars: The key to winning in the NCAA is to recruit the best available talent and win the talent wars. In the same way, the systems and facilities that can attract the best talent are assured of success. In healthcare, the talent pool is dwindling. Nowhere is the ongoing war for talent in the United States more evident than in the critical shortage of Registered Nurses. The looming physician shortage has created aggressive physician recruitment practices, which are similar to star athletes in college football, such as Johnny “Football” Manziel, getting national acclaim for where they choose to attend college.

The reality is that the NCAA has been a flawed model and has undergone even more expansive regulation that when it was first created. Lawsuits challenging the NCAA continue to press on, many ending up in the Supreme Court. You can be assured that the new era of Healthcare will have many similarities as The American Affordability and Reinvestment Act is challenged in years to come. The huge expansion of healthcare to an estimated 32 million more users, looming human capital shortages, and the aging baby boomer generation will create stresses never seen before. As the NCAA found out in the Post World War II era – Healthcare in the new era will find there is no such thing as a “Sanity Code”.

Culinary Schools in New York – The Greatest Place to Train As a Chef

Culinary schools in New York City are some of the best in the world. If you live in or near the city you will have a great selection of schools to apply to for getting your chef training. But just because you don’t live near New York doesn’t mean you can’t partake in some of the best culinary training in the world.

You would have to do some traveling but it is possible to move to New York to get some of the best and most diverse training in the world. New York City is know for being an expensive place to live, but there are outer boroughs and New Jersey that offer more affordable living than Manhattan. Also, some of the schools have housing options available.

One of the great things about learning to become a chef in New York City is the diversity of cultures in the city. Along with this diversity comes a wide array of international cuisines for you to sample and that are taught.

While New York is home to the French Culinary Institute and the Culinary Institute of America, which both boast an illustrious alumni, there are many other great places to become a chef. Whether you are going to an institute or not, you will be able to find many sources of different style of cooking and cuisines to expand your skill range.

The great thing about New York is once you are finished with your training you can go on and work at great restaurants throughout the city to learn and perfect your craft.