Tips to Buy a Multimedia Projector For Your Business

When you are purchasing a multimedia that you will use for your business, the options may seem tempting at the first. But the budget, the type of the presentation that you make and also the frequency of use will narrow the choices. For salesman on the road and a small business, they usually will need a portable model, but for the large corporations or teaching institution may need the fixed installation model. Here is the information that you can read to but the right projector for a business.

For the first thing that should be done is that you need to consider the travel schedule. A laptop size portable multimedia projector is good for you who give the presentations on the go, and also home-based entrepreneurs who infrequently visit the offices of other people on sales or the marketing calls.

You need to look at the number of people who will attend your business meeting. The medium-sized projector, usually referred to as the conference room projector, is the best choice for most of companies. It can be used for the sales presentation and it can be moved easily to the different meeting rooms within a building.

For the next step, you have to think about the higher resolution for the larger meetings. The great quality projector is called fixed installation projector and is permanently attached to the ceiling of large lecture or the meeting halls. This projector has the clearest resolution.

After that, you need to watch the pictures that the projectors produce. A multimedia projector contains an LCD or DLP display. If you will use the bright colors in your presentation images, an LCD projector is the great choice. DLP projector offers deeper black backgrounds.

For the last step, you can try out the different lamp types. UPH, UHE and also halide lamps are usually in multimedia projectors. You should take your budget and maintenance needs into considerations when you are choosing the lamp. They will be expensive to replace.

“The Sanity Code” – How the New Era in Healthcare Mirrors the NCAA

As we enter a new era in healthcare, one looks for similar industry’s that have gone through radical transformations. As we move into a Government run, heavily regulated, Healthcare environment – there are striking similarities between the “new era” in Healthcare and the NCAA.

1. Regulation and Fear of Sanctions: The American Affordability and Reinvestment Act has created the most complex set of guidelines and regulation ever placed on Healthcare. This has created an incredible amount of uncertainty and confusion. Added with multiple priorities such as Meaningful use, ICD-10 and EHR, there has never been a more tenuous time in Healthcare. Similar to the Post World War II era of the NCAA, where stresses to the systems based on huge student growth from the GI act, television revenue on the rise, and huge financial gains were achieved by the universities. The NCAA created the “Sanity Code” − adopted to establish guidelines for recruiting and financial aid – which ultimately failed to curb abuses.

2. Violations of the System: The more the regulation, the more there will be gaming of the system. The NCAA was plagued in the 1980′s with unscrupulous agents, greed, and high profile rules violations. Medicare fraud today adds billions of dollars to the total Healthcare spend in the United States.

3. Consolidation and Mergers: Just as the NCAA has evolved in the most recent past to SUPER CONFERENCES with no geographical consideration. The sizes of market and revenue opportunity are the key drivers for conference alignment. Similarly, Healthcare is in the process of consolidating in the very same manner creating SUPER SYSTEMS that cross geographical boundaries focused on driving revenue. Small independent and regional entities will struggle to compete in the new era.

4. Recruitment and the Talent Wars: The key to winning in the NCAA is to recruit the best available talent and win the talent wars. In the same way, the systems and facilities that can attract the best talent are assured of success. In healthcare, the talent pool is dwindling. Nowhere is the ongoing war for talent in the United States more evident than in the critical shortage of Registered Nurses. The looming physician shortage has created aggressive physician recruitment practices, which are similar to star athletes in college football, such as Johnny “Football” Manziel, getting national acclaim for where they choose to attend college.

The reality is that the NCAA has been a flawed model and has undergone even more expansive regulation that when it was first created. Lawsuits challenging the NCAA continue to press on, many ending up in the Supreme Court. You can be assured that the new era of Healthcare will have many similarities as The American Affordability and Reinvestment Act is challenged in years to come. The huge expansion of healthcare to an estimated 32 million more users, looming human capital shortages, and the aging baby boomer generation will create stresses never seen before. As the NCAA found out in the Post World War II era – Healthcare in the new era will find there is no such thing as a “Sanity Code”.

Culinary Schools in New York – The Greatest Place to Train As a Chef

Culinary schools in New York City are some of the best in the world. If you live in or near the city you will have a great selection of schools to apply to for getting your chef training. But just because you don’t live near New York doesn’t mean you can’t partake in some of the best culinary training in the world.

You would have to do some traveling but it is possible to move to New York to get some of the best and most diverse training in the world. New York City is know for being an expensive place to live, but there are outer boroughs and New Jersey that offer more affordable living than Manhattan. Also, some of the schools have housing options available.

One of the great things about learning to become a chef in New York City is the diversity of cultures in the city. Along with this diversity comes a wide array of international cuisines for you to sample and that are taught.

While New York is home to the French Culinary Institute and the Culinary Institute of America, which both boast an illustrious alumni, there are many other great places to become a chef. Whether you are going to an institute or not, you will be able to find many sources of different style of cooking and cuisines to expand your skill range.

The great thing about New York is once you are finished with your training you can go on and work at great restaurants throughout the city to learn and perfect your craft.

Prospecting Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In commercial real estate brokerage and agency you need a prospecting plan and some rules to stick to. It is far too easy to be distracted and diverted in your daily business efforts. Discipline is required to break through the prospecting barrier.

If you do not have a plan of this type, you simply run out of listing leads and business opportunities. It takes about 3 months to grow your market share and a similar amount of time to lose it. The prospecting plan helps you keep your career and focus under control.

So what stops an agent or broker from prospecting? Here are some of the regular problems:

  • Demanding clients that want to see you
  • Unnecessary meetings in the office
  • Reports and paperwork
  • No research and planning made for people to call or contact
  • Lack of organisation
  • No time set aside in a diary
  • Too many open listings that waste your time
  • Inbound enquiries from advertising and marketing

I know that some of these things can be quite important, but that being said, you can manage your time and your way through the problems. Prospecting should be the number one event in your day regardless of anything else. That is how you build market share.

Here are some rules that work well for top commercial real estate brokers in prospecting:

  1. When you are out and about in your territory or sales patch, make note of any businesses or properties that have opportunity and attraction. They can go into your ‘research later’ list.
  2. From any positive relationship and client contact you can find referral opportunities. Use the right questions at the right time with your clients to find others to talk to.
  3. All of your listings will give you the chance to talk to local property owners and business leaders. Take a ‘property update’ flyer with you when you are out in the market. Drop it into adjacent businesses that are near to your listings.
  4. Use a combination of cold calling and direct contact to reach new people. You can do the cold calling before you go anywhere else at the start of the day. The direct contact can happen when you are in your sales area or territory.
  5. Some local listings will be ‘open’ and listed with many agents. You can attempt to convert these listings to ‘exclusive’ over time. Most property owners do not like to be an experiment in marketing. Time is money to them (and so it should be).
  6. Every property that you take exclusively to the market should be supported by vendor paid marketing funds. Ensure that you make every marketing campaign a strong and successful process. That will help you win other listings.
  7. Get plenty of signboards into your territory. They will produce more personal branding for you.

To prospect successfully in commercial real estate, you need that system that you can understand and work to great success. That is how top agents do it. Time and specific effort will then take you up in the market ‘leader board’.

What Are The Reasons For Software Failure?

Technology makes our lives easier and more convenient, but when technology fails us, it becomes a disaster. Most technology breakdowns are because of software failure. This disrupts our routine life and costs us time. Software failures are something we all wish to avoid but something we can’t ever get away from.

So, what is the cause of a software failure? Sometimes it’s the software itself, but most times it’s a human error. Either the person who designed the software or the person implementing the software missed something and now the software has crashed and you are left without functionality. This is truly upsetting at work when you need to get several tasks done and now cannot because of a software breakdown.

One way to avoid this type of situation is to hire a reputable and experienced software developer to design your software. If someone of this type produces your software, it is more likely not to shut down or crash and will contain no errors. Of course, no person is perfect, but a qualified developer will program everything correct and test the software multiple times before it is implemented, looking for bugs.

So one of the most important things you can do as an owner, manager, or employee of a business is to get quality software from a qualified developer. How do you do this? Well, you search for the best developer. Here’s how to search and what to search for:

-The best aren’t always the biggest. Big software companies have reputation but that doesn’t mean they are the best fit for you. Find a company who is the best fit for you and will do the best work possible.
-Ask for recommendations from other businesses. See who others are using for their software. These people will give good insight to a software development company because they will tell you if they had or have any trouble with the software.
-Read plenty of reviews and double-check sources before you settle with a development company.
-Plan ahead and ask the software development company plenty of questions. Explain what type of software you desire and give specifics. Ask how long the project will take and the price for the project.

If you’re having software problems, go ahead and make the switch to an experienced software developer. Don’t left software push your business into the ground. Grab the reigns, hire a developer, and get your business back to the top.

Offshore Internet Banking Advantages and Disadvantages

The topic of offshore internet banking is a hot one and one that is increasingly growing in popularity not only within the consumer banking community, but also the business or corporate banking sector.

The beauty of offshore online banking is that in addition to enabling you to conduct banking activities allowed by traditional and local brick and mortar businesses, it allows you more variety and flexibility in terms of your banking needs. For example, if you travel often, offshore online banking gives you the flexibility to conduct business on to go from anywhere, while ensuring that you have access to the type of currency if you need at a time you need it.

Having said that, not all banks offer online or internet banking services as this service costs the banks a significant amount of money. Programming sophisticated and secure systems require the effort of several full time computer engineers, full security and compliance departments, as well as heavy overhead to support the service on an ongoing basis.

Because there are so many variables involved in offering this service, offshore internet banking services vary from one financial institution to another. Some have better systems while others have work to do. A lot of this is predicated on the resources the bank has dedicated to this initiative, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Opening an Offshore Bank Account

Before diving further into this topic, I want to clarify that engaging in offshore internet banking is not about evading taxes. It is about mitigating risk of capital loss due to no fault of your own. So when considering a foreign jurisdiction in which to establish an offshore bank account, consider one that is politically stable and financially strong. In addition, it helps to select a jurisdiction that pays an attractive interest rate and has low to no income tax. Some of the most preferred jurisdictions over the years have been Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Opening a personal bank account is usually a very personal activity. With offshore internet banking however, there are ways you can get started remotely without having to show up to the bank’s local office, saving a ton of time, money and mainly frustration.

One such way is by visiting a local bank’s branch in your domicile state, or home country. Many big banks that offer internet banking have a multi-national presence. Chances are good that your selected bank has a local branch near where you live, despite being headquartered in another offshore jurisdiction.

In other cases, there are international banks that may not have local branches near where you live, but are willing and able to establish an offshore bank account for you through email, snail mail, fax and telephone. There are usually a set of documents required by banks in order to execute this process. Therefore you can still open a foreign bank account with an offshore bank without having to leave your country, but it may come with a little more effort, and sometimes the struggle involved in communicating with someone overseas.

The Advantages of Offshore Internet Banking

Here are some advantages of offshore internet banking that you should know about.

Protection from sovereign risk – as mention already above, parking funds in foreign bank accounts mitigates the risk of loss of capital resulting from freeze or confiscation of funds by Governments without any fault of your own. This risk is less of a concern in a developed economy with a solid banking infrastructure such as the United States, but it is nonetheless an inherent risk that exists.

Tax benefits – many offshore jurisdictions have low to no income tax implications on interest income, or income from business activities.

Higher Interest Rates – because many offshore banks operate with low costs, they can afford to offer higher interest rates compared to larger multi-national names. In fact, in developed economies like in Europe and North America, regulatory compliance requirements is seen by many as form of taxation on banks, thereby increasing overhead costs and lowering interest rates.

On Demand Access to Statements – offshore internet banking gives you instant access to your statements where you can view your activities on a real time basis. This includes past and pending deposits and withdrawals. You can therefore access your account balance at anytime.

Money Management – with offshore internet banking you can transfer funds between accounts across the globe instantly. Offshore banks have inventories of various currencies and can help you fulfill banking transactions in multiple countries. You can schedule automatic payments to vendors to release automatically.

There are several other advantages to offshore internet banking. You can open offshore trading accounts and establish offshore brokerage accounts to conduct trading and investment activity (there can be tax advantages to this). Conducting transactions online is not only mostly free, but also very efficient. Transaction time online is simply much less. You can also have streams of income potentially directly deposited straight into your offshore online bank account.

From a personal finance perspective, downloading banking activity from your offshore online bank account is easy and can be done instantly. Most online banking platforms are designed to feed information into financial or personal accounting software or to spreadsheets like Excel. Individuals can save a significant amount on accountant fees just by utilizing this feature. Not to mention more intimate knowledge and management of their own finances.

For those looking for anonymity, offshore online bank accounts also allow you to conduct banking anonymously as per bank secrecy guidelines.

The Disadvantages of Offshore Internet Banking

Merely establishing an offshore bank account can be a reason for the Government to put more focus on your activities. After all, many use offshore internet banking as a mechanism to conduct illegal activity and evade taxes. Some specific disadvantages of offshore internet banking as a result of conducting business through foreign bank accounts are the following:

Knowledge of Internet – There is a certain level of internet savvy required to be able to navigate your way through offshore internet banking platforms to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. This is a big reason why some elderly shy away from conducting banking online.

Deposit Timeline – Because many banks do not have the technology to be able to collect deposits remotely, you may have difficulty depositing all your proceeds. While many banks have developed electronic scanning technology, others have yet to catch up. There is no consistency to say the least.

Security / Fraud Implications – because banking is conducted online, offshore internet banking exposes you to the risk of network intrusion or breach. Because information is transferred electronically and stored in various databases, breaches can cause private and sensitive information to leak out into the wrong hands. But then again, this is no different than losing your check book if compared to traditional brick and mortar banking.

Spam Mail – offshore online banking also means that you will receive emails from the foreign bank you have your offshore bank accounts with. Internet predators recognize this as an opportunity for phishing, or fish for private and sensitive information. Many times you may see an email in your inbox from what seems like your foreign banking institution. However it is not. These are phishing emails hoping for you to login and enter your personal information such as login and password.

TIPS: Here are a few tips to avoid falling for phishing scams. First, when you receive an email from your bank, call them to verify that they sent the email. Second, instead of opening the email they sent you, visit the bank’s website directly and see if you can conduct what’s asked of you on their site by you logging in directly rather than clicking a login link in an email message.

Third, if you were to open the email and click on any link in it for whatever reason, once the link takes you to a website where you are required to enter personal information, look for security symbols such as an https URL address or a padlock on the lower right hand side corner of the web browser. There are other security measures as well that can be visible spotted. Read online for more on this topic.

Financial Security – some offshore bank locations are not very financially secure or stable. For example, during the global economic crisis of 2008, many savers lost money parked in offshore bank accounts in some destinations such as Iceland. I don’t mean to scare you by any means as this situation is rare, and in most cases those who suffer losses are compensated in some way over time. However, know that this inherent risk exists. Always look for deposit insurance. The bigger the allowance the better.

Credibility by Association – as I’ve already mentioned, offshore internet banking has negative connotations attached to it, often associated with money laundering, use of illegal monies, untaxed monies and support of illegal causes. Offshore bank accounts at times are tied to crime rings and terrorists. What does this mean for you? Although you may engage in offshore banking legally and legitimately, understand that there will be closer scrutiny over you by the Governments.

Access Restrictions – offshore banks are in destinations far away from you, therefore more difficult and expensive to access. In many countries, communication in person is preferred to communicating over phone, email and snail mail, therefore internet banking can get a bit difficult and frustrating. I see this trend slowly changing with banks understanding the need to communicate at all levels and mediums to satisfy a global audience.

Expensive – offshore internet banking is usually more expensive to set up and administer and thus more accessible and feasible for those more affluent or high income earners. It’s not so much that it is expensive to open a foreign bank account. It is not. However, many times you will need to go through a firm that specializes in helping expatriates establish and manage foreign bank accounts. All these activities cost money.

Internet banking today is very convenient and is accessible to almost everyone. For the average individual it can be a great offshore tax planning tool to add to the mix. For those that travel, foreign internet banking can provide all sorts of convenience, allowing one to transact anywhere and with anyone. So if you liked what you read about offshore online banking, I highly recommend you look into it further to see how it can help you meet your objectives.

Smart Window Technology and Energy Efficiency

When most people hear about “smart windows,” they invariably think of computers. Yet glass has witnessed some remarkable changes thanks to improved technology, which allow windows to enhance the home like never before. By significantly impacting the home’s energy efficiency, smart window technology is transforming the way people think about windows. The following technologies and materials are just a few of the advances in window manufacturing today.

Photochromic Technology

Photochromic materials have been employed in eyeglasses, but they can also be used as window glass where they can respond to light intensity. This type of system can block sunlight effectively during the day so that the home’s cooling system is not over-taxed. While some light is allowed, the photochromic materials effectively block out the intensity so that homes literally remain cooler, and consumers pay less in energy costs.

Electrochromic Technology

This type of incredible technology employs electrical ions that seamlessly shift between clear and blue-gray tints. No visibility is lost in the transfer. Electrochromic smart windows rely on electricity to chemically trigger the color change. This material contains conducting oxide that is sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The oxide layers are wired to a power source that provides the required electricity. Of course, people simply notice the great effect of the tinting as well as reduced energy bills.

Gaschromic Technology

Gaschromic material provides a tinting effect that is similar to electrochromic technology. Instead of relying on electricity, however, it employs a gas reaction to achieve its effect. The result is a window that may be transparent or tinted as required. On sunny days, the tinting helps block the light’s energy from heating up the building or home. Consequently, less energy must be consumed to keep the space cool. Moreover, the HVAC system is spared from having to work overtime. (Source: “Window Technologies: Emerging Technologies- Dynamic Windows”, Efficient Windows Collaborative)

Suspended Particle Technology

With this type of technology, a film is sandwiched between two layers of glass. The film is liquid-like and contains millions of particles held in suspension. Like electrochromic material, the film is wired to a power source so it may be activated or deactivated as needed. The particles, when ‘turned on,’ so to speak, are magnetically aligned to allow for more sunlight transmittance. When they are randomly diffused, less sunlight is allowed through the window.

Thermochromic Technology

This type of smart technology responds to the changing dynamics of sunlight intensity. For use in variable tinted windows, this material constantly shifts the light it allows to penetrate through the window. This allows for better temperature control. By blocking the sunlight from the building, this technology prevents the sun from heating up the building’s interior so temperatures remain comfortable. This technology reduces solar exposure and also minimizes glare and even noise.

These technologies are just some of the latest ideas in smart window design. They are already having a profound effect on energy efficiency where they are employed. As more people install them, they’ll discover the value of investing in these windows for their homes as they save on energy costs and, possibly, even add value to their property.

Works Cited:

“Window Technologies: Emerging Technologies- Dynamic Windows”, Efficient Windows Collaborative,

Superb Home Business Online Tips to Mull Over

Ask anyone they want to make a lot of money online, and you won’t be surprised to hear everyone say yes. The problem however, is that most people want to make money online, but they’re not willing to do the dirty laundry, and some even want to make a fast buck without doing anything at all. Earning money online also has its share of hard work, determination and patience. Here are some innovative and cool home business online tips to consider.

Online Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods for making money online without having your own products or services. Here, you promote other people’s product and services, through their free affiliate programs, and you get a commission or incentive when the customers you refer purchase your partner firm’s products, or signs up for a newsletter, etc. Many online businesses, including top corporations, have outsourced affiliate management firms to run their own affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is also referred to as associate marketing, partnership marketing and referral marketing

Article Marketing

Writing and submitting articles, and creating a blog post, is an excellent way to start a home business online. You can use search engines like Yahoo, Google and others to search for various article directories, or you could sign up for direct paid article-writing jobs. Just ensure that you distribute or write unique and interesting material. To make money from article writing, focus on a niche or topic that you’re familiar with, and ensure that you regularly churn out fresh and relevant content.

Make Money From Internet Auctions

For aspiring home business owners, an online auction business can be a wonderful introduction to the world of e-commerce. Internet auctions require minimal start-up investment, and you can basically start with selling the items stored in your closet or cabinet. To profit from Internet auctions, you need to learn the basics of the bidding process. You need to fully learn how to auction your first item, and you also have to identify your niche, as well as find out what you want to sell, analyze your customers, and learn how to price your items.

Five Top Ways to Make Money Online

With just an internet connection it is possible for anyone to make substantial amount of money every day from the comfort of your own home. With the rapid technological advancement one can join thousands of other people in the business of making money online. By starting an internet business one can work part-time or full-time to achieve and create a thriving online business. Below are five sure ways of expanding your income while you are in the office or at home.

By providing online marketing services
This business will always offer good returns for a good internet marketer. This can be achieved through writing of web optimized articles, press releases, e-zine article writing, link exchange, keyword research and article writing. Or you may provide services like mailing lists, pop up and banner adverting for online companies and new upcoming marketing websites. All one has to do is to specialize in these areas and start earning money.

Website hosting for online business owners
Online web companies are slowly gaining ground on a daily basis. By providing services like web design, web site hosting, content writing and domain name registration, one stands a chance to make hundred of dollars every day. For a company to create a new website these requirements is a must.

One can also start an internet business to make money online
As more and more people from all walks of life get connected to the internet everyday, an online business would always hold a promise for good returns no matter where you are located. All you get to do is post your products online and let people make orders from the web site. After you get the orders all you have to do is to deliver the goods to their physical location. This will always save your rent money which can be used to expand your stock. You can create any type of business here ranging from an online shoe store, flower shop, candy store, shopping mall, and service provision store.

Online auction
This is another sure way that will give you good returns for your money. Online auction is where you just post the products and services you have to sell with a fixed price and off you go. You may even make your very first sale in just a couple of second. All one has to do is post or sell a good product that is in good condition at a reasonable price. Else you may even end up losing money due to listing fees, in the event that the product could be bought elsewhere at a cheaper price.

Business expansion
If you have a small business you can expand your business by building up a website. In this website you will list all the products your business has on sale. Customers can also contact you in the event they have questions to ask you and about the products you sell in your small business. A good example of an offline business taking advantage of this strategy is the tour business. You can further advertise your website in print and electronic media to bring more people to your web site.

Take Your Home to the Next Level – Find Your Furniture Style

With so many options in home furniture, it can be hard to make the right choice. We all see pictures of fabulous rooms full of lavish furniture, but we don’t all have the time or money to invest in extravagant looks. The good news is that there are easy and affordable furniture options available. With so many options, you are sure to find furniture that will transform your home into a show place.

There are several ways to create a new look for your home. Whether you are looking for classic and simple, or you prefer a more dramatic look, local furniture stores offer a wide array of styles and pieces that are sure to please. Not ready to throw out everything and start new, but still want a new look? Try adding signature pieces to existing rooms, the right furniture can make everything old seem new again.

Classic with a Twist
Like the timeless look of clean lines and conventional fabrics? There are many furniture options that will allow you to style your home in a classic motif, while adding a modern twist. You can find new colors and patterns that add an interesting spin to traditional textiles. Try adding a few unexpected pieces to move your classic look into a stylish statement.

The Newer the Better
Modern furniture provides excitement and interest, as well as function. The new trends in modern home furnishings include pieces that are a mixture of fashion and function. You can find storage spaces in surprising places, now even sofas and chair are serving double duty. The sleek contemporary look of modern furniture can give your home a fresh and exciting look. If you are adding just a few furniture pieces to your existing look, be sure to choose furniture that will compliment and update your existing style.

Drama, Drama, Drama
Looking for the wow factor? You can find a variety of creative ways to drama to your home. Try a basic look of black and white using furniture and fabrics, then add unexpected bursts of red, violet or brilliant blue, this creates a high degree of visual interest while still nodding towards a classic style. Need something even more daring? Look for ornately designed wood pieces, and furniture with rich fabrics in deep colors. Try adding touches of velvet and metallic to really create that over the top look.

Everyone has their own personal style and the great thing is that there are furniture options that can help you create a home that is camera ready. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you love the look you create, and that it is a true reflection of your personal style. The furniture and fabrics should make you feel at home.